Sonu Sood sensational decision Third-wave Covid 19

Sonu Sood sensational decision
Sonu Sood sensational decision

Corona Second Wave We are all watching the thing that is haunting India. Due to the low mortality rate in the corona first wave, the Indian government underestimated the corona and is paying a fair price in the second wave. The people are running away. Loss of those who are before the eyes. What can not be done in a helpless state of family members are in a terrible situation. Not only hospitals but also cemeteries were left empty due to the second wave. And if the second wave is so bad. Now, what if the third wave comes? Isn’t that awful to imagine. That is why when it comes to the Third Wave .. whatever the governments have to face .. Sonu Sood, who is known as the man of the people, the man of danger, the people who think of God, is preparing plans.

Many lives were lost due to lack of oxygen in the second wave. Observing this, SonuSood felt that the role of oxygen in the Third Wave was likely to be greater. Covid made the sensational decision to set up oxygen plants in states with high intensity. “We have already ordered a plant from France. An oxygen plant is coming from there in another 10-12 days,” Sonu Sood said. Sonu also announced that he was in talks to buy plants from other countries. “Time is of the essence. We do our part to ensure that everything is delivered on time. Now we can save our lives .. ” said Sonu Sood.


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