Harivansh Refutes Reports of Rule-Breaking to Pass Farm Bills, Centre May Move Breach of Privilege

Harivansh Refutes Reports of Rule-Breaking to Pass Farm Bills, Centre May Move Breach of Privilege
Harivansh Refutes Reports of Rule-Breaking to Pass Farm Bills, Centre May Move Breach of Privilege

Aseries of papers, including the chronological reference of what transpired in Rajya Sabha on Sunday, the 20th of September, has been put out by Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh after media reports emerged holding him in violation of rules of the House during the passage of farm bills within the Upper House.
A note released by Harivansh said, “Would wish to place certain facts to place the records straight. The statutory resolution disapproving the ordinance and therefore the amendment for the reference of the bill to pick committee moved by KK Ragesh were negated by voice vote by the house at 1.07 pm as Sri Ragesh was within the Well of the house and not on his seat within the gallery at that time of your time. this will be seen from the video as after calling him to maneuver his Resolution and amendment, I checked out the gallery, but he wasn’t there.”
The Rajya Sabha deputy chairman further said that Tiruchi Shiva demanded a division on his amendment for reference of his bill to pick the committee from his seat at 1.10 pm.
“You will see from an equivalent video that around 1.09 pm, one member was tearing the book and throwing on me. Besides, i used to be surrounded by some hostile members, who were trying to grab papers from me,” he said.
“You will appreciate, that as per rules and practice, so as to possess a division, two things are essential. Firstly there should be a requirement for division and equally important that there should be order within the House. I hold a constitutional position and thus , cannot issue a proper rebuttal. i’m bringing these facts to your notice and leave it to your conscience for your judgment,” Harivansh said, adding that a video footage of Rajya Sabha TV is being released with an in depth incident report.
The deputy chairman, however, occupying a constitutional position has chosen to stay silent on the difficulty aside from what happened within the House. Sources on the brink of Harivansh tell CNN News18 that since his name was repeatedly been dragged and aspersions were being sew him, he decided to clarify the facts on record.
The government has been blaming the opposition for trying to make a false narrative round the issue to hide up for his or her failure of getting requisite numbers.
Sources also tell CNN News18 that an choice to move a breach of privilege motion against those trying to spread falsehood within the name of deputy chairman is additionally into account .
Prahlad Joshi, Parliamentary affairs minister, had spoken to CNN News18 on Friday and said, “Opposition had planned this ruckus because they did not have the numbers. We had over 100 while that they had around 70. They called their MPs from galleries and other chambers to collect within the Rajya Sabha chamber to make this type of scenario. Our people stood quietly because we knew the numbers were with us.”


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